Don’t Date Baptists Book Launch!

On Tuesday, April 26, I celebrated with friends, family, and colleagues the official launch of my book Don’t Date Baptists and Other Warnings from My Alabama Mother at M. Judsons Booksellers in Greenville, SC. After eating some delicious food and enjoying great company, I began reading the essay “Not Brand X” (aka Chapter 3) and everyone had a great time laughing and talking about brand loyalty, especially when it comes to mayonnaise.

Following the reading was an M. Judsons’ “In Conversation with” interview with me, conducted by Wanda Meade, the founder and creator of Finding Voice and blogger. Then I signed many copies of my book and continued to enjoy the night with everyone there!

Below are pictures taken of the event.

A Hub City Welcome

This past Tuesday, I gave a reading at Spartanburg’s Hub City Books surrounded by great friends and former students, whom I was delighted to see and catch up with! I read from Don’t Date Baptists the chapter titled “Racial Divide,” which my wife was able to record and is available for viewing on my Facebook page. Check it out, and see if you would like to hear more when I give a reading next Tuesday in Greenville at M. Judsons Booksellers for my book’s official launch party! The event begins at 6 pm.

The EMRYS Experience

This past Monday, March 28th, I had the chance to read my new book alongside author Joni Tevis, who is also an author of a collection of essays. The reading took place at M. Judson bookstore, an intimate setting that felt right for the reading. Everything went smoothly — the audience was attentive, laughed appropriately, and seemed to appreciate that the past lingers in ways we can’t appreciate until we gain perspective.

I read my essay titled “The Mayor” (Chapter 11 in my book), which was timely given the political climate right now, especially back in Alabama where the governor has just been caught having an affair.

The Q&A session following the reading was great, with Joni Tevis and I asking each other questions. A surprising note, though, was that she compared me to Garrison Keillor. I’ve never seen that!

Also, I am excited to announce that the official launch party for Don’t Date Baptists will happen on April 26th at M. Judson!