Episode 1 – Terry Barr with the Well Seasoned Librarian (a.k.a. Dean Jones)


This podcast conversation with Dean Jones dives into Barr’s life and personal history; going all the way back to his first stories he wrote while attending school as a teenager through how he creative and developed his newest essay collection, Secrets I’m Dying to Tell You. Listen in via the link above or on Spotify to hear Dr. Barr’s own experiences as a creative writer, memories from his childhood in Alabama, and how living in the South can impact creativity.

Rock and Roll and Literature

Like most people, Dr. Terry Barr has been continually inspired and drawn into the art of music, and enjoys to tie his favorite hits in with his favorite pastime- writing about his experiences. From attending concerts in college to teaching his own college students about the power of a good song, music is a common thread that can link us all together. Check out the links below to read some of his music-based articles on various platforms!

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Essays on Home, Love, and Ordinary Life

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As anyone can tell from his knack for publishing essay collections about the little things in life that are actually the big things, Barr has a way with words and knowing how to piece them together perfectly to remind us of home. He does so in a light that allows readers to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly; all the while attempting to connect the dots on why things need to happen. Check out the links below to read a variety of pieces that are sure to engulf you.