Don’t Date Baptists


cropped-new-updated-ddb-front-cover2.jpgThe first of Terry Barr’s book-length publications (though his numerous essays published across the South could easily add up to more book-length projects), Don’t Date Baptists and Other Warnings from my Alabama Mother is now published by Third Lung Press. It is now available for order on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. The book is also available for purchase at M. Judson Bookstore, Fiction Addiction, Mr. K’s Books in Greenville, SC, Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC, Little Professor Bookstore in Homewood, AL, the Wild Bean in Lewisburg, W.VA., the Country Cafe in Hot Springs, VA, and Highland Bookstore in Brevard, NC.

Exploring the world of his childhood hometown of Bessemer, Alabama, Barr writes in a clear and captivating prose about the Southern Gothic charm that fascinated him growing up. Stories about difficult relationships, strange neighbors, family struggles, and more are woven with a personal insight that make this collection of essays a highly enjoyable read.