July Album of the Month!

If you love music (listening to it, talking about it, and especially reading about it and getting new suggestions), you need keep up with Terry Barr on The Riff!

Most recently, he wrote a piece about picking the “Album of the Month” for July 2021. Out of the hundreds of thousands of albums that exist in the world, one can imagine the pressure to find just one that really speaks to you. As Barr notes in the article, “The criteria are more than problematic: is it your favorite album, a desert island wonder? Is it trendsetting? Will it engage with a broad audience? Is there a great personal story behind it? Does it have a good beat and is fun to dance to? Can you hum a few bars of any song on it?” So many questions and so many choices!

So, what did he pick? Head over to the website to read the full story, but spoiler alert: it’s David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars from 1972. Even better, you can join a Zoom call in a few short weeks to listen and discuss this album of choice with Terry! More information and link down below. Happy reading (and listening)!

Zoom Meeting Link for Sunday, July 11 – Begins at 7:00 EDT!

Meeting ID: 86769627069
Passcode: N9d<4U00

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