Red Dirt Press Release

Red Dirt Press just announced the release of my new book, Don’t Date Baptists and Other Warnings from my Alabama Mother, on their website! Check it out here for more info.

Here are some quotes on my book from the press release that I would like to share.

Terry tells stories that are uniquely his and at the same time collectively ours. His cast of characters will have you nodding your head and saying, “Yes…I know those people, too!” He peels back his life with mature, discerning, perceptive eyes and invites us into his growing up and home town experience. He’s a story teller who isn’t afraid to share his doubts, joys, anger, sorrows, and soul.

—Wanda Meade, writer/photographer

In Terry Barr’s essays we hear an authentic Southern voice rooted in a particular time and place: Bessemer, AL, beginning in the 1950’s. He brings to bear a historian’s delight in concrete details combined with a probing sensitivity to the psychological tensions and complexities beneath the surface of characters and events.

—Steve Beauchamp, poet

Terry Barr’s beautiful, straight from the heart writings remind us of memory’s healing power; they are evocative of places I know very well but have never been, of people with whom I’m intimately familiar but have never met. These are remarkable personal essays—funny, wistful in the right measure, smart, and heartbreaking.

—Leslie T. White, Professor of English, University of New Orleans

If you want a copy of my book, it’s available now on Amazon!

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