Just Published!

My essay collection, Don’t Date Baptists and Other Warnings From My Alabama Mother, can be seen on Amazon now. It will be available to order on Monday, Feb. 15. And no knock on my Baptists friends because I did date a few of you anyway, and besides, you’re good people, right?

Check it out, read it, and leave a review. This has been a long and fun and exciting process to go through, and I am so excited to see it in print.


If you want to know more about my essay collection or read an excerpt of it, click here.

Published by

Terry Barr

I teach Creative Nonfiction, Food and Literature, Southern Film, and Modern Novel at Presbyterian College. I write narrative nonfiction essays and have been published widely in places such as Red Fez, Graze, Belle Reve Literary Journal, Remarkable Doorways, Quail Bell Magazine, Full Grown People, Rougarou, and Red Truck Review. I am married with two daughters, and listen avidly to independent rock, blues, and outlaw and traditional country music.

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